The Goal Count challenge 2019-20

Ever thought about cutting down on the amount you drink? I know for a beer blog this seems like a sure-fire recipe to generate lots of loud tutting, but those of us for whom the consumption of beer is part of our identity can sometimes find it tough to regulate how much we drink, and why.

img_20190809_113519For this reason I have invented (and by which I mean, just conceived of without actually checking if it’s already a thing) the Goal Count Challenge. Simply put, on a match day in the 2019-20 season, I will only be drinking one alcoholic drink for every goal my team scores.

I go out on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday nights, and Manchester United’s first match of the season is on Sunday. Of we score no goals, I shall not drink. If we score three goals, I’ll have my usual three pints. If we score eight goals against Chelsea, in the first game of the season…well I’m off work on Monday so let fate decide.

It can be tricky for men especially to cut down on alcohol intake, because of peer pressure. Linking your drinking to the fortunes of a club can be an easy out when your mates are putting you under pressure. This method also works for anything you regularly indulge in, but it won’t work for Rugby, or Crickets. Feel free to adjust for your own sport.

Here’s the sappy bit – my mum died at 54, and her mum at 65. I am turning 40 this year and it occurs to me that it might be an idea to look at my health because if that pattern continues I have about 3 years left. (I’m not sure that’s how life expectancy works but still…). Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to be passing up my hobby of drinking great beer, but I think I can stand to cut down on the regular drinking I do.

If you feel like joining me, please keep me abreast of your progress, and if you’re on social media, use the hashtag #goalcountchallenge1920.

May the odds be ever in your favour. Cheers! Or not.

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  1. Spent a day trying to think of something witty to say, thought better of it, so good luck Kirsty. Being sensible is being sensible.

    For my part I shall only be having a murky grapefruit DIPA when City get a VAR goal against us overturned.


  2. What team you support will make a big difference. Norwich scored 93 goals last season in championship, but will score far fewer this year (despite a good start).

    I used to link it to the exercise I done (until I injured a knee). A 5k run would grant me x amount of units, can’t remember how much anymore. I think that would be a better option for trying to cut down, unless you start to run marathon distances, then you might need to drink more!


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