Beers To Drink At Easter

Easter is the best ; the possibility of four days off, and none of the shopping and stress which usually accompanies a British festivity. Plus, with a Bank Holiday Monday in the mix there’s room for a few beers, but which ones? Easter is an eating festival, and so there are multiple flavour combinations on the menu.

Roast Lamb

There’s nothing like digging into the flesh of a baby animal to remember the sacrifice of Our Lord on the cross. A sour red ale is what you’re looking for, or anything which packs a bit of a punch like Mad Hatter’s Red X Funk, or a trappist beer like Chimay Blue which you can get at Aldi.



Some people might shy away from a 10% Russian Imperial Stout at this time of year, but as temperatures are not expected to rise above nippy in April, I say bring out the big guns. An Imperial stout or porter is a perfect companion to chocolate as it won’t get overwhelmed by the sweetness and has chocolate notes in it anyway. If you’re not quite prepared for the Imperial stout, try a fruit beer like Liefmans Kriek or Framboise – chocolate and cherry or raspberry are best mates.


Hot Cross Buns

As they have the fruit and the spice in them, these taste lovely alongside a lager. There’s a Swedish lager called Paskol which is specially brewed for Easter, but if you can’t track it down, go for Wolf Warning which is in stock at most Co-Ops. (Main image).

What Would Jesus Drink?

An excellent question. Scholars believe that as well as unlevened bread, the last supper might have consisted of stewed beans, charoset (a sweet paste made of fruit and nuts), and bitter herbs with pistachios. With this in mind I would go for an IPA or zesty ale such as Dizzy Blonde, or anything with an Amarillo or Magnum hop. You could also try a beer with a hint of gin, such as the collab between Magic Rock and Siren Craft Brew – Ginspired.


Happy drinking!

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