Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

Being the self-centred aesthetic-driven Generation Y-er that I am I was going to make a whole post about a bauble that I bought for my Christmas tree when I visited Dublin on a research trip back in June. I stopped myself just in time and instead I have compiled a few of my favourite beer related gift options available online and on the high street.

These handmade Beavertown truffles, made from their Neckoil session IPA and Smog Rocket porter,  are perfect for the beer lover who will have bottles wall to ceiling bought by well-meaning relatives. £9.25 including UK delivery from Notonthehighstreet.


A lovely and inexpensive present for a bottle drinker is this handmade bottle opener and cap catcher by Rustic Retro Furniture. Only £12 plus shipping. If you were so inclined you could even customise it.

bottle opener.jpg

For the beer connoisseur who already has everything, try this Guinness 2016 Christmas Pudding bauble for £12.95 They do a black variant which I believe is only available at the Guinness stores in Dublin and which can be seen in the main image for this post adorning my tree at home.


An ideal ‘stocking filler’ – because it’s long and thin like a stocking, are Beer Hawk’s beer bullet gift sets. Only £7 for three cans of your favourite brewery’s selection in a presentation tube. Featured is the prettiest, Magic Rock,  but they also stock Brewdog, Stone, Camden and others, and also bullets themed by beer type. Do yourself a favour and get a few at once for friends and family (or Secret Santas) because the shipping price really comes down.


bullet magic.jpg

“But Kirst!” I hear you cry, “I want to buy a beery gift but I’m not made of money! £13 baubles? Hand crafted bottle openers? Do me a favour!”

Alright Ebenezer, wind your neck in and follow me.

B&M and Home Bargains are a great source of very cheap and often unusual or attractive looking beers with nice labels and odd names. Ranging between 69p and £1.20 you could pick up as many or as few as you wanted and dress them up as a present.

If you really just want to give someone a few beers for Christmas, at least look like you’ve made an effort by getting this £1 wooden beer crate from Poundland. It holds 6 standard bottles and can be customised to your heart’s content. Or simply left ‘rustic’ i.e. I can’t be bothered.


Poundland and most other budget retailers also stock Christmas tins, boxes, and gift bags at this time of year, so stick the beers in them and gather up some florist’s cellophane secured with a ribbon or a gift tag to make a present which cost £3 look like it cost £10.

Stainless Steel Ice Bucket – available online and in cases of 36


Christmas Plant Pot – available online, in store, and in cases of 24

plant pot.jpg


Of course, as a member I should also add that CAMRA membership is a brilliant present which has the added benefit of delivering £20 worth of beer tokens to the recipient in January – exactly when we need them. You can buy as a gift for an individual at £24 and two people at £29.

Merry Christmas! I’m off to get the cellophane and the 69p beers served in a plant pot.

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