Southport : Inn Beer Shop

inn beer shop southport

It took me three years to be convinced that I should watch Game of Thrones and now I’m obsessed with it, I feel this is a suitable metaphor for my relationship with the Inn Beer Shop as despite having been recommended this wonderful place for over a year I have never tried it. Now I’m not one to celebrate the fact that a baby is feeling under the weather, (stay with me, I’m really not), but due to the sudden tetchiness and virusy nature of my friend’s baby I found myself in Southport with two and a half hours to kill, and so I decided to seek out this Inn Beer Shop. So, every cloud, and get well soon Baby Miles.

Imagine your untappd profile brought to life, and you’re just about there. A narrow corridor lined with mismatched tables and chairs leads you to floor to ceiling shelves packed tightly as a corner shop, with six fridges and everything from saisons to Stella. At the back is a small bar with four pumps tended by a friendly looking chap where for an extra fifty p on the price of every beer you can have it in the glass and drink on the premises. A proper bottle shop with a touch of what my Nana still calls the Outdoor.

Straight away I spotted one of my best friends, Magic Rock’s excellent Salty Kiss, a gooseberry gose but it was a bit warm having been on the shelf. The barkeep parked it in the fridge for me while I had a Lemon Dream by Salopian Brewery [pictured] which was neither lemony nor a dream to be honest. While I was plowing my way through it I read the Southport CAMRA magazine, a treat! Have a read of it if you come across it, I love a good no-nonsense report of a beer factory or a bus-based pub crawl. None of this flowery, florid language of the food and drink review, just sentences like “Alan had a nice pint of Tim Taylor’s and then we got the bus to Batley.”

There is no room to list the breweries and bottles on offer, I spotted Dunkel, Trappist, Westvleteren, Hoegaarden, Mad Hatter just on the way through to the bar, they also have a dedicated cider fridge, and I spotted Kwak glasses. I’m quite willing to go back and catalogue every beer there, might take me a few weeks but that’s the trooper I am.

The Inn Beer Shop is situated at 657 Lord St and opens 12-10.30 Monday to Thursday and Sunday, and 11-11 Friday and Saturday.



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